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PacAccess is part of:
CSS Communications
PO Box 397
Bellingham WA 98227
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PacAccess Email FAQ

Q: My Email isn't working?  I'm getting a password error.
A:  See our Billing page

Q:  I am still getting mail at connectexpress.com... WHY?
A:  Our access to the domain has not been removed yet, and we are allowing mail to continue to flow as a courtesy.  It will be going away.

Q:  Is my email address changing?
A:  Yes, your email address will be changing from user@connectexpress.com to user@pacaccess.com.

Q:  When can I start using my new email address:
A:  It's available to use right now.

Q:  What settings do I use?
A:  See our settings page for the settings you will need to use in your email program.

Q:  I have a dlux.net email address, do I need to make any changes?
A:  Yes.  You'll need to change your email settings, but your email address will stay the same.

Q:  Will your webmail still be working?  Do I have to make changes there?
A:  Yes, the webmail is still working, and you shouldn't need to make any changes.  The address for webmail is http://webmail.pacaccess.com.

Q:  I have a domain with ConnectExpress, so my email address isn't @connectexpress.com, do I need to make any changes?
A:  Yes.  You'll need to change your email settings, but your email addresses will stay the same.

Q:  Will PacAccess continue to support Mac?
A:  Yes, our technicians are Mac users, and will be able to help with Mac related email issues.

Q:  Do you have detailed instructions for my email program?
A:  For most email programs you can find instructions here.

Q:  How do I contact you if I need additional support.
A:  Please submit a support request.

Q:  How do I contact someone in billing?
A:  Please use our billing request.

Q:  I can receive mail, but I get an error when sending mail.
A:  The outgoing server requires authentication.  In most email programs there is a checkbox to use authentication for outgoing email.  Do NOT use SPA, or secure password authentication.

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PO Box 397
Bellingham WA 98227



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